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Pure Alpaca

And Alpaca Blends

Alpaca Dreams.jpg

Alpaca Dreams - Laceweight - Limited Edition


Alpaca Dreams is a limited edition of one off individual skeins. It is a buttery soft laceweight yarn spun from 100% Baby Alpaca. Each skein is 100g and measures approximately 800m (875 yards) and is suitable for those finer projects such as shawls, gloves, boleros etc. It is not a superwash so a gentle hand wash is required, dry flat and please don't tumble dry. Please Note: My philosophy and therefore the techniques I use for dyeing my yarns are such that no two skeins are identical, each have their own unique personality.


Manos Serena


Serena is a gorgeous blend of baby alpaca and pima cotton. These two luxurious Peruvian fibers give Serena the best of both words: the elasticity of animal fibers, that make it super nice to knit, and the fresh touch of cotton, plus the extraordinary softness of both fibers.  The mix of fibers and our singular dyeing process give Serena a soft heather color effect, just like stone washed denim. 
Use Serena for soft, relaxed and timeless knits.

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